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Avoiding Condensation in Your Home

Condensation is a type of dampness created inside the home and can lead to defects such as staining and decay. Julian Wilkins & Co. Chartered Surveyors frequently identify condensation problems in homes and can advise on how best to tackle these.

 Condensation is a natural process involving the release of water when warm, moist air comes into contact with a cold surface and cools down quickly. The released water can cause dampness to occur meaning that condensation issues are often misdiagnosed as being due to rising or penetrating dampness.

The air circulating around our homes always holds a certain level of water vapour. The amount of water vapour in the air depends on a number of factors such as the temperature of the air and amount of moisture present. Many of our daily activities release moisture into the air in our homes; showering and bathing, cooking, drying clothes and boiling the kettle for example. People and pets also produce water vapour. All of these activities vary from one occupier to the next and so condensation could be an issue for one occupier and not another as differing lifestyles can have a dramatic effect on moisture levels within the same home.

The easiest way to spot condensation is to look for wet and damp areas in spaces where ventilation is typically poor such as corners of rooms, under floor areas, roof spaces, and cupboards for example. Condensation can also be seen on the internal surfaces of windows on colder mornings. Where condensation occurs on surfaces susceptible to rot, severe problems can occur. Significant condensation on timber roof supports can potentially lead to structural issues occurring.

Condensation can easily be tackled by ensuring adequate ventilation is provided to all areas of your home and it is kept warm enough to avoid surfaces such as windows and walls from becoming excessively cold. Lifestyle adaptations such as avoiding drying clothes inside and using extractor fans ducted to vent to the outside can also help in avoiding condensation issues occurring.

If you suspect you have condensation issues in your home and would like some further guidance, Julian Wilkins & Co. Chartered Surveyors are always happy to advise on specific areas and problems. Please contact us if we can assist you.

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