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Choosing a RICS Home Survey – Level 2 or Level 3?

When you are looking to buy a new home you want to make sure you know about the physical characteristics and have detailed information about the condition of the property before you commit to spending huge amounts of money!

Here at Julian Wilkins & Co. Chartered Surveyors we can provide you with a RICS Level 2 or RICS Level 3 Home Survey so you can have peace of mind when you make your property purchase. Our detailed inspections are carried out by fully qualified Chartered Surveyors with significant experience in the housing stock in our local area. Not only will you have comprehensive written report shortly after your inspection but your surveyor will also call you on the day of the survey to have a chat through the findings of the inspection.

Both the RICS Level 2 or RICS Level 3 Home Survey services will inform you about what repairs are required at the property and can aid in potential price renegotiations if the requirement for costly works becomes apparent.

The scope of the inspection for the RICS Level 2 and RICS Level 3 Home Survey services is broadly similar. The main difference being that services including taps, heating systems etc are operated during the RICS Level 3 Home Survey inspection. The main difference with these two services is the detail of the report; the RICS Level 3 Home Survey written report is more detailed. However, just because there is a more in-depth level of detail does not necessarily mean this report is the best for the property you are looking to buy. Typically, the RICS Level 3 Home Survey service is more appropriate for properties which are listed, of unusual construction or design or are significantly historic.

Because we are a knowledgeable and independent practice, we are always able to directly advise on the most appropriate level of survey based upon your needs and requirements and the characteristics of the property you are looking to purchase. More information about our RICS Home Survey service can be found here.

If you would like any more information about a RICS Home Survey level 2 or RICS Home Survey level 3 or a survey quotation please contact us on 01903 892211 or by email at

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