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Fire Safety In Your Home

Fire safety in our homes is of paramount importance to protect the safety of the buildings we live in but more importantly ourselves and the people we live with. The Grenfell tragedy of 2017 has brought the issue of fire safety in homes to the forefront of our minds.

Fire safety in the home starts with fire safety measures which can reduce the risk of fire occurring. The RICS has recently published a helpful guide concerned with fire safety in the home. This guide deals with measures that can be taken in homes which are owner occupied and those that are rented or shared. If you are the landlord of a rented property, under UK law you must meet certain fire safety obligations. These include the installation of smoke/heat/carbon monoxide alarms and Gas Safety certification for gas installations and appliances such as boilers. It is commonly known that cigarettes and candles are common causes of fires in the home. Other sources of risk include plug in air fresheners and charger plugs left with no device plugged in where over heating can lead to fires starting.

Further information on fire safety in your home can be found in the RICS fire safety guide for occupiers and also through the UK Fire Service.

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