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Julian Wilkins successfully represented leaseholder at First Tier Tribunal (FTT) Hearing

Julian Wilkins regularly represents either leaseholders or freeholders at First Tier Tribunal (FTT) hearings.  Last week a leaseholder with a flat in Bishopric Court, Horsham, West Sussex was represented in a case against Brickfield Properties who are part of the Freshwater Group.  Julian acted as both advocate and expert witness which helps to reduce the leaseholder clients costs.  The case was determined at £22,543 which was actually the figure Julian contended and represents a very large saving from the competent landlords position.

This determination was particularly important bearing in mind Bishopric Court, Horsham has a history of high lease extension costs with a number of previous cases determined by the FTT back in 2017 at figures of over £40,000.

If you have a flat in Bishopric Court or any other block where the Freshwater Group of companies is the freeholder or head leaseholder, please contact us for assistance.

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