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RICS Home Surveys

Buying property either as a home, or as an investment, is probably one of the largest financial commitments any of us will ever make. Our RICS Level Two and Level Three Surveys can give you peace of mind in taking the next step towards purchasing your new property.

Our independent Level Two and Level Three property surveys (formally known as HomeBuyer and Building’s Surveys) provide you with relevant information about the property so that you can make an informed purchase with clear knowledge of the property’s condition and any future repairs that may be needed. Obtaining detailed information about the condition of a property before you purchase can also enable you to renegotiate the purchase price if costly works are required.

Julian Wilkins & Co. Chartered Surveyors provide the official RICS Level Two and Level Three Home surveys. We also provide a specialised snagging survey service for new build homes. More details about our snagging survey service can be found here. All our property surveys are completed by experienced RICS Chartered Surveyors.

We believe that undertaking a property survey involves more than the physical inspection and written report. Our clients receive a telephone call from the surveyor on the day of the inspection to discuss the findings. With prior arrangement, we are also happy to meet clients at the property at the end of the survey inspection to discuss the survey at the property.

Reports are completed quickly and sent to you, with a copy sent to your conveyancer. Our service does not stop there, clients are always welcome to call our team and discuss the written reports or any concerns that arise during your purchase as a result of our survey advice.

Both the RICS Level Two and Level Three surveys are prepared in easy to read formats with clear headings allowing clients to easily understand the contents.

Our survey reports also include the ‘traffic light’ rating system of each building element to allow easy identification of problem areas which will be explained in more detail in your report.

The traffic light rating system categorises differing elements in the following way:

RICS Home Surveys FAQs

Why do I need a Level Two or Level Three Survey?

An independent, unbiased RICS Level Two or Level Three Survey carried out on your behalf will ensure you are aware of the property’s overall condition. You will also be made aware of any significant defects and matters requiring further investigation before your purchase.

A RICS Level Two or Level Three Survey will arm you with independent reasoned advice and information about the property enabling you to make an informed purchase.

Your survey will make you aware of the property’s construction and how this is likely to affect the property’s future performance. Any specific works required that may be costly and require further investigation.

The Level Two survey service is delivered in accordance with the Home Survey Standard (1st edition) RICS professional statement and is equivalent to Level Two. The Level Three survey service is delivered in accordance with the Home survey standard (1st edition) RICS professional statement and is equivalent to Level Three.

Why should I Instruct Julian Wilkins & Co. Chartered Surveyors?

We are an independent and fully regulated RICS surveying practice. All our defect and property surveys are completed by experienced, fully qualified RICS Chartered Surveyors who are all also RICS Registered Valuers.

Our surveyors have comprehensive knowledge of the local area, prevalent property types and particular defects found in certain areas. This means you can be sure you are being provided with the most professional and discerning advice possible of a property professional. We can also investigate and advise you on any specific concerns you may have.

We pride ourselves on providing our clients with a highly approachable and personal service from start to finish with the advantage of a full support team who are knowledgeable in all our services.

We know that buying a property can be a stressful time and we aim to offer excellent client care to make your survey experience as hassle free as possible.

If you have a query about your specific case you know that you can pick up the phone and someone in our team can help and advise you immediately.

How much will the survey cost?

We believe that we can deliver the best value for money to our clients by quoting individually on each property. We take into account factors such as the property’s condition, size, age and construction type and can give you a quote very quickly so that you have the information you require as swiftly as possible.

Do I need a survey if I have a mortgage valuation?

A mortgage valuation is carried out for the benefit of your lender- not you. Therefore, the only use of a mortgage valuation to you is knowing whether you will get your mortgage finance or not. The mortgage valuation will not provide you with any information about the condition of the property and it is unlikely you will be able to see a copy of the report as the bank is the client, not you.

A mortgage valuation lasts approximately 15-30 mins whereas our survey inspections typically last between 2-4 hours for an average sized house in average condition. level Three survey inspections are usually in excess of 4 hours. Our inspection is carried out on your behalf and aims to give you all the information you need about the property to make the most informed purchase as possible.

Do you offer the Level One Survey?

No, this type of survey is the most basic RICS level of property survey – we don’t believe that a Level One survey offers our clients value for money as it only delivers very basic information about the property.

The Level One survey report does not include any advice on repairs or maintenance of the property.

This survey doesn’t allow us to provide you with the level of knowledge we believe will enable you to be properly informed about the property as a whole.

Do I need a survey on a flat?

Even though flats and retirement properties tend to be within managed developments this doesn’t mean that they aren’t susceptible to property pitfalls and problems.

When buying a flat you are also committing to the maintenance costs of the block. A survey will independently provide you with an overview of the condition of the block.

Our survey services can provide you with peace of mind knowing that you can be aware of any defects and problems that may exist in the flat and what issues the managing agents may need to deal with for you.

If I have particular concerns will the Surveyor investigate these as part of the survey service?

We are always happy to investigate any particular concerns about any part of the property you may have as far as possible. For properties with inaccessible roofs we can arrange for these to be looked at separately.

As we offer our clients a complimentary telephone consultation on the day of the survey we can discuss and advise you directly on any areas of particular concern. We also welcome clients to call us for advice at any point should they wish to discuss anything regarding the property.

Does the Surveyor inspect flat roofs and roof structures?

Our Surveyors carry a ladder as part of their standard equipment. We will always inspect any flat roofs which are accessible from a 3m ladder. In cases where there are flat roof areas at a higher height, we will use a camera pole to take photographs of these areas where possible.

It is our standard practice to inspect all accessible roof spaces within a property and assess the roof structure construction and condition as well as the condition of other elements such as roof insulation and ventilation.

What if I don’t know what type of survey to have?

We always advise our clients on the most appropriate level of survey based on the property’s individual characteristics and your requirements and plans for the property. If you would like to give us a call, a member of our team can speak with you and advise you which is the best survey for you.

Do I need to make arrangements for the survey?

Once you have instructed us to undertake a survey you can rely on us to make all the necessary arrangements for the survey on your behalf.

What if I am buying a new build property?

Our specialised snagging survey service is a comprehensive survey specifically designed to identify defects and unfinished items in new build homes. This involves a comprehensive inspection and easy to read report which is prepared in a format that can be passed directly to the developer for any outstanding issues to be sorted before you get your keys. More details about our snagging survey service can be found here.

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