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Surveying Roofs and Hidden Areas with Our Camera Pole

Julian Wilkins & Co Chartered Surveyors undertake RICS Level 2 and Level 3 surveys on homes in the West Sussex and surrounding areas. When you buy a house or a flat you need as much information as you can get about the property so you know what you are taking on. An independent survey is essential.

We always carry a ladder to reach areas like roofs and roof spaces but sometimes there are certain areas we just can’t get to with our ladder!

That’s where our excellent 11m (33ft) camera poles come in handy! All of our surveyors carry a telescopic camera pole so that we can take photos of hidden areas like chimneys and roofs and report to our clients about problems that become visible in the photos. This is something that sadly a lot of surveyors still don’t do as standard.

Below are some photos of areas that were not properly visible from the ground but that we could see in detail using our camera pole. Our clients are always grateful that our inspections include these areas as there can be hidden defects. By using our camera pole our clients can know about these defects and any necessary repairs before buying the property.

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