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The Green Homes Grant

Homeowners can now apply to The Green Homes Grant to help cover the costs of energy efficiency improvements to their homes. If you want to take advantage of the grant you will have to be quick – the energy efficiency improvement works have to be completed before 31st March, 2021!

The majority of homeowners can apply for funding up to a maximum of £5,000 per household. Homeowners on low incomes or in receipt of certain benefits can obtain funding of up to £10,000.

Maintaining thermal comfort is, generally, the primary energy usage in our homes. We are all conscious of the importance to reduce energy consumption and improving the energy efficiency of our homes is an excellent opportunity to do this.

However, improving energy efficiency in homes is not necessarily a simple thing to do. Houses, like people are highly diverse and energy efficiency measures that are right for one building may not be right for another. For example, historic, solid wall properties are difficult to retrofit with insulation as these walls need to be able to ‘breathe’, as they were designed to originally. Insulation can inhibit this which can sometimes lead to further defects occurring. Modern houses are built with cavity walls which incorporate insulation into their construction detailing. Older properties such as those built in the 1930s are generally built with cavity walls which incorporate an open space in the middle of the wall. When cavity wall insulation is retrospectively installed this should increase the thermal efficiency of such walls. The introduction of retrofitted cavity wall insultation can however, be problematic in exposed locations with dampness issues becoming more and more frequent. In some cases, cavity wall insulation requires removal to abate dampness issues.

Measures to improve insulation and provide low-carbon heating in homes are eligible under The Green Homes Grant. Improvements to insulation in homes and the adoption of low-carbon heating systems are important factors in reducing our carbon footprint but it is important that any homeowners looking to take advantage of the scheme make sure they first fully understand the construction of their home and what measures will be most appropriate.

When undertaking pre-purchase surveys on behalf of our clients, our surveyors always consider the energy efficiency of the building in a holistic way; taking into account the way the property will be used by our clients, the construction and the condition of the property. By using this approach we can provide our clients with robust and tailored advice concerning energy efficiency.

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